Estevan Carlos
Benson / Interaction

I am a designer and technologist with several years experience at the intersection of art + technology. This translates to a strong understanding of UX, UI design, and theory.

tel: 323-863-6836

Experienced with:

  • Adobe Suite
  • Sketch
  • Processing
  • Max/MSP

Project: Self-initiated

The following is a skeumorphic design of a damaged, Teac X-2000 that I own. You can learn more about my thoughts on skeuomorphic design and music software.

Project: WVFRM

WVFRM focuses on organizing and structuring a large collection of curated information relating to music production training. The user interface needs to communicate the nuanced categories and sub-categories of content while achieving a welcoming feeling that isn't overly academic.

Project: Hackathaon-initiated, Immigration-related, Web Application

The wireframes outline a series of animations and parallax functionality for a web development profject for

Project: Hackathaon-initiated, Immigration-related, Web Application

Currently in Progress: As a part of a small hackathon team, I am leading the UI/UX portion of the application. We aspire to submit this to a city-wide competition so it requires fast prototyping and development. This documentation represents an early flow of how a user may enter the web application. Our discussions are focused on how to best balance a "guided" approach with a freer approach. The guided approach will require a category system that is currently being discussed.

Project: Hackathaon-initiated, Immigration-related, Web Application

The first three screens comprise a portion of the onboarding process. It will eventually communicate the key services offered by the application. The style and design is still in development. You can view an interactive mockup here.

Project: Hackathaon-initiated, Immigration-related, Web Application

This represents an early development of the style and user interface design research. So far it's aesthetically leaning towards a flat, minimal interface but I may investigate future iterations with more chrome and a darker color scheme as well.

Project: Self-initiated, Interactive Game and Narrative

I am developing an interactive narrative that utilizes components of sound, dynamic data from the stock exchange, and a hand recognition hardware called the Leap Motion. The wireframe here details layout in addition to programmatic elements.

Project: Self-initiated, Interactive Game and Narrative

The following is the minimally-inspired, visual design based off of the previous wireframe. The red points with connecting lines represents live data from different sources including realtime stock information.

Project: Leap Motion, Music Software

This application flowchart outlines a music-related application designed for the Leap Motion, a hand-recognition hardware tool. A user defines a series of parameters that dictate the manner in which inputted hand motion data is utilized. Since the Leap Motion recognizes data on an x,y, and z plane, the user is forced to move their hand over open space. This software is designed to create quadrants within this space. For example you could designate four quadrants and when a user's hand moves into any of the four areas of space (a quadrant) that triggers a message within the software.

Project: Leap Motion, Music Software

The Leap Motion does not feature any built-in method for warning the user when their hand is leaving the visible range of the hardware (it utilizes a small camera and infrared). This UI features a visualization that communicates when the user's hand is leaving the range of the device by showing a red highlight designated the area where the hand is located.

Project: MaxMSP Music Sequencer

These wireframes dictate a series of different screens within a type of music software application called a "sequencer". The device allows for features of designated musical notes, duration of notes, velocity, and other musical details. It follows some common patterns for this type of software but adds a few additional features optimized for the limitations of the software. Such as a designated overlay that presents live parameter data whenever you adjust a parameter.

Are you looking for something completely different? I am also an artist, musician, front-end developer, and hacker with cutting edge technologies.